Golf: Anglo Hispano and Gibraltar Casino Trophies

 Medgolf held two events in April one at Estepona and one at el Paraiso. The Anglo Hispano Trophy took place at Estepona Golf, which has spent considerable time, money and resource in improving their course and their clubhouse and it was very noticeable.
The Anglo Hispano Trophy winner was Carlo Novoletta with 37 points. Carlo won the trophy and 2 green fees on the San Roque Club Old Course.
Other prizes were won as follows:
Best gross score was Peter Warren’s 78, just 6 over par gross.
The longest drive was also by Chris Delaney.
Best gross score on the par 3s was Mike Cowburn at level par.
Best pairing was Mike Cowburn and Dave Pinnigerr with 64 points.
Best senior this time was
Handicap category prizes were won as follows:
Category 1 (0-12) Runner up on handicap with 36 points was Tom Watson; winner with 36 points was Mike Cowburn
Category 2 (13-22) Runner up with 34 points was Carsten Hjort; winner with 36 points was Geoff Slade.
Category 3 (23 and above) Joe Penalver with 36 points runner up; winner being Chris Hill also with 36 points and a slightly lower handicap.
The nearest the pin winners were Carlo, Chris Purkiss, Mike Cowburn and Joe Penalver. Matt Hunter getting the nearest in 2 prize on a par 4 and Dave Pinniger getting the new nearest .

The second event The Gibraltar Casino Trophy saw a typically lovely El Paraiso sunny day. The tee box markers were pushed well back and the greens were slick again, leading to respectable but not outrageous scores.
Geoff Slade had another good round, elevating him from winner of cat 2 last time to overall winner for The Gibraltar casino trophy with 35 points, well done again Geoff, that handicap axe is just going to have to get sharper!
Best gross score was Peter Warren’s 76, just 5 over par gross.
The longest drive was also by Steve Stonefield.
Best gross score on the par 3s was Peter at 1 over par.
Best pairing was Tim Mitchell and John Robbins with 66 points
Best senior this time was John Robbins with 35 points
Handicap category prizes were won as follows:
Category 1 (0-12) Runner up on handicap with 33 points was Mike Cowburn; winner with 34 points was Peter Warren
Category 2 (13-22) Runner up with 34 points was Garth Morris; winner with 35 points was John Robbins
Category 3 (23 and above) Runner up with 28 points was Mike Burke; winner with 28 points nut a lower handicap was Jon Rix.
The nearest the pin winners were Tim Mitchell (2), Alan Clarkson and Javi Hunter. Steve Stonefield getting the nearest in 2 prize on a par 4 and Dennis Feldbale getting the new nearest in 3 on a par 5.

MedGolf’s next event is at Dona Julia this Sunday (18th.) with a 0900 shotgun start. You can enter the event by contacting Ian at

Junior Football: The ‘Big’ Weekend

This is the weekend of the Year when all of the GFA Junior Football Leagues come to fruition with the Cup Finals of the five Age groups followed by the ‘dazzling’ Awards Ceremony - Cups, Leagues and Specials. (See programme).

Under 15

18.00 College Europa White v Lincoln Popay
Sunday 18th May
Under 9
Main Pitch

9.30 Lincoln Tyre Spot v College Europa Black
Under 11
Main Pitch

9.30 College Europa Black v Lincoln Gib Flora
Under 7
Pitch 2
10.00 Lions FC R&J Refrigeration v Lincoln TP Towage
Under 13
Main Pitch

11.15 Lincoln Westmed v Lincoln Latinos

Under 11
Group A

Lincoln Gib Flora 9 v 0 Glacis Utd
College Europa Black 5 v 1 Glacis Utd
Lincoln Gib Flora 2 v 0 Lincoln Ck Transport
Lions FC Jyske Bank 8 v 2 Laguna FC Ramboll
Group B
Lions FC Roca-A-Graphics 2 v 4 Manchester 62 FC Red
Glacis Ath 1 v 9 St Joseph’s
Manchester 62 FC white 9 v 1 College Europa Green

Under 13
Lions FC MH Bland 0 v 4 Lincoln Robvia
Lincoln Westmed 0 v 3 Lions FC EY
Lincoln Latinos 3 v 0 Laguna FC Koala Construction
Lincoln Robvia 5 v 0 Lions FC MH Bland
Lions FC EY 1 v 1 Lincoln Westmed
College Europa White 4 v 1 Glacis Utd
Lincoln Westmed 2 v 1 College Europa White

Under 15
Lions FC Mitsubishi 0 v 6 Lions FC Portman
Lynx City line 2 v 1 College Europa White
Lincoln Popay 1 v 2 Manchester 62 FC

U7 Group A
Team P W D L PT

Lincoln TP Towage 21 20 0 1 60
Manchester 62 FC Red 21 18 0 3 54
Lions FC D & H Ceramics 21 13 1 7 40
St.Joseph’s Calpe Pharmacy 21 13 0 7 39
College Europa Black 21 10 1 11 33
Manchester62 FC 21 6 0 15 18
Group B
Team P W D L PTS
Lions FC R&J Refrigeration 21 12 1 8 37
Lincoln Car Care Center 21 10 1 10 31
Glacis Utd 21 8 2 11 26
St Joseph’s Crown Pharmacy 21 8 0 13 24
College Europa White 21 3 0 18 9
Manchester62 FC Black 21 1 0 20 3

Group A
Team P W D L PTS

Lincoln Tyre Spot 21 20 0 1 60
College Europa Black 21 17 1 3 52
St Joseph’s 21 16 1 4 49
Lincoln Child Line 21 7 4 10 25
Manchester 62 FC white 21 7 4 10 25
College Europa White 21 7 1 13 22
Group B
Team P W D L PTS
Lions FC L Sacarello 21 14 2 5 45
Manchester 62 FC Red 21 12 1 8 37
College Europa Green 21 6 1 14 19
Lions FC Music Corner 21 5 0 16 15
Lincoln 21 4 0 17 12
Glacis Utd 21 1 1 19 4

Group A
Team P W D L PTS

Lincoln Gib Flora 18 17 1 0 52
College Europa Black 18 16 1 1 49
Lions FC Jyske Bank 18 11 1 6 34
Lincoln Ck Transport 18 11 1 6 34
Glacis Utd 18 9 1 8 28
Laguna FC Ramboll 18 8 2 8 25
College Europa White 18 7 1 10 22
Group B
Team P W D L PTS

Manchester 62 FC white 17 9 0 8 27
Manchester 62 FC Red 17 8 0 9 24
St Joseph’s 17 8 0 9 24
Lions FC Roca-A-Graphics 17 5 0 12 15
Glacis Ath 17 1 0 16 3
College Europa Green 17 1 0 16 3

Under 13
Team P W D L PTS

Lincoln Latinos 24 22 0 2 67
Lions FC EY 24 18 1 5 55
Lincoln Robvia 24 17 2 5 53
Lincoln Westmed 24 15 1 6 48
College Europa White 24 11 2 11 35
College Europa Black 24 10 2 12 32
Glacis Utd 24 6 0 18 18
Lions FC MH Bland 24 4 0 20 12
Laguna FC Koala Construction 24 0 0 24 0

Under 15
Team P W D L PTS

Lincoln Popay 20 15 3 2 51
Lions FC Portman 20 15 2 3 50
Manchester 62 FC 20 10 5 5 35
College Europa White 20 6 2 12 20
Lions FC Mitsubishi 20 5 3 12 18
Lynx City line 20 1 1 19 4



 This weekend sees the 2nd. series of races in GARA’s Small Boats League towards the Garbarino Trophy.


 This 3rd. Saturday of the RGYC’s Sailing Calendar has Jubilee 2 ( sponsor Beck’s Beer) and Brinton 2
(Marks & Spencer).

Rugby: GRFU Veterans ‘tanned’ in Portugal

 The Veterans, sponsored by the Lord Nelson, had a successful trip to the 7th Juromenha Rugby Oldies Festival held in Alandroal, Portugal over the weekend of the 2nd-4th May.
The team from Gibraltar, were honoured by the hosts, Clube de Rugby de Juromenha, by being selected to be their opposition in the opening match. This possibly turned out to be a good move by the hosts having looked after the Gibraltar team, extremely well at the reception the evening before!! Although the Gibraltar Team played their hearts out, the local team with their larger squad and home advantage won the game.
The second match Gibraltar came up against Académica, one of the best sides in Portugal. The Gibraltar team were by this time suffering in the 40 degree heat, having played Juromenha earlier in the day and also helping out the Costa Barbarians in their opening game. That said at half time Gibraltar trailed by only one try. By the second half Gibraltar were struggling to keep up, and the opposition began to add points to the score. Highlight of the match though was a superb individual try by Gibraltar’s fly half Steve Ecclestone.
That evening all 8 teams celebrated the successful event by way of a meal and local Portuguese folk music provided by the hosts.
Whilst most of the team travelled back battered, bruised and somewhat tanned, we made lots of new friends from teams in Portugal and Spain.

Football: Manchester out!; College in!

 Following confirmation received by UEFA, the GFA is now in a position to clarify the situation regarding entry to the UEFA Europa League for season 2014/15. Current Europa League rules state the following:
“If the winner of the domestic cup qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, the domestic cup runner-up qualifies for the UEFA Europa League”
This goes against the policy adopted by the GFA in September 2013, and subsequently agreed with all the Clubs in a meeting held on the 3rd October 2013, that the UEFA Europa League spot would in fact go to the league runner-up. This agreement was made in the light of a decision taken by the UEFA Executive Committee that, as from season 2015/16, only league runners-up would be allowed entry to the UEFA Europa League in cases where the same club had won both the domestic league and cup. The GFA felt that, rather than use one system for one season and then change it the following season, it made sense to adopt the “new” system with immediate effect.
In hindsight, the GFA accepts that this assumption was a mistake and that confirmation from UEFA that this was acceptable should have been sought at the time. The GFA regrets that the matter was only brought to its attention a matter of days before the Rock Cup final itself.
The GFA therefore confirms that Gibraltar’s two representatives in UEFA club competitions in season 2014/15 will be:
UEFA Champions League: Lincoln Red Imps FC
UEFA Europa League: College Europa FC
The GFA publicly apologises to Manchester 62 FC – our league runners-up and the Club that would have entered the UEFA Europa League under the initial policy adopted by the GFA. The GFA has already agreed a compensation package with Manchester 62 FC and would like to place on public record its gratitude to Manchester 62 FC who – despite being the affected party in this matter – have acted with great dignity throughout and have always sought to seek positive solutions to an entirely regrettable episode.

College Europa and Manchester 62

There were similar reactions from the Presidents of two Clubs when contacted, by phone, following the breaking of the GFA news – which has been ‘bubbling’ before, during and following last Saturday’s GFA Rock Cup ‘Platini - attended’ Final.
Businessman Peter Cabezutto - President and the prime-mover behind the College Europa FC’s campaign for ‘Premier’ status - was obviously pleased with the turn of events.
“We will be able to give a full statement later today after we meet with the GFA.”
Manchester 62’s President Charles Camilleri was also positive regarding the outcome, saying that the Club would be considering their position and posting their reactions on the social media during the night.


Athletics: GAAA Summer Track League (1st of 4)

 Prior to last week’s opening track meet of summer, the GAAAs made presentations for the winter season at which everyone was recognised – the kids loved it! (Illustrated results in Saturday’s Chronicle).
Results – Winners:
6 & Under - 50 mtrs.

Boys (29) - Leon Mason
Girls (9) - Louise Navarro

8 & Under - 80 mtrs.
Boys (25) - Liam Jessop
Girls – (7) - Carlota Gutierrez

10 & Under – 100 mtrs.
Boys (12) - Gabriel Devincenzi
Girls (12) - Cadiz Otero

12 & Under - 100 mtrs.
Boys (8) - Craig Gill
Girls (13) - Mya Jane Zarb

15 & Under - 100 mtrs.
Boys (2) - Jessy Franco
Girls - Laura Bevington

18 & Under - 100 mtrs.
Boys (4) - Sean Collado
Girls - Zyanne Hook
2nd. meeting was held on Tuesday.

WAD Meet

Gibraltar takes part together with 123 IAAF Member Federations in the 2014 edition of the IAAF World Athletics Day.
Now in its 19th year, the IAAF World Athletics Day is the sport’s annual worldwide festival of youth and one of the busiest programmes of competitions in the athletics calendar.
The World Athletics Day offers the opportunity to promote the sport through youth participation in clubs and schools.
The IAAF World Athletics Day when it began in 1996, was initially planned exclusively for youngsters who were members of clubs affiliated to IAAF Member Federations but, in recent years, the scope of the project has broadened to include the participation of school children in team competitions.
The IAAF World Athletics Day has now become a complete and an important event which promotes our sport around the world.
The goal of the IAAF World Athletics Day is to firmly establish an important link between the youth, our sport, and environmental conservation.
The IAAF World Athletics Day 2014 takes place in May, Gibraltar holding the athletic meeting this evening.


Basketball: Panthers win women’s league

 Panthers 53 v Big Ballers 38 (Quarters: 10-9; 12-8; 15-9; 16-12)
Panthers: Louise Gonçalves 9, Louise Rugeroni 6, Bryony Rovegno 12, Caroline Robba 10, Kim Sampere 4 (starting 5); Gaynor Macias 8, Jasmine Reyes 2, Catrin Noguera 2.
Big Ballers: Alex Mauro 10, Kelly Charuy 2, Kaira Sene 2, Harriet Currie, Susie Edwards 20 (starting 5); Yasmine Benyoussef 4.
Referees: Shane Bassett and Karl Bassett.
Panthers, 1 up in the GABBA Women’s League final play-off (best of 3), were again too strong for their weakened opponents. An injury to Currie in the opening minutes added to their tale of woe and they did well to stay in the game until half-time, but Panthers had too many guns.
They worked as a well-knit unit throughout and were admirably directed by coach Gaynor Coleing, recovering from surgery and unable to play throughout the league competition but keeping her team-mates on their toes from the bench. Excepting Rovegno, a superb athlete at her peak, Panthers are a team of veteran players who clearly enjoy playing together, and do it exceptionally well.
Big Ballers sorely missed Graciella Anthony, away at the moment, and Edwards was their best player.
National team coach Darren Coleing presented the League Shield to his wife, and medals to both teams.


In the past, the Handicap Tournament has proved to be an exciting end-of-season competition and provided the lesser teams with a great opportunity, by virtue of the amounts which they multiply their real scores by, to win a handsome trophy at the expense of the big’uns. It’s not happening this season, maybe because of the number of breaks brought about by other activities in the TSH, or maybe because some teams are unable to call on most of their players for perfectly justifiable reasons, or are just not interested. It is strange, though, that precisely 3 of the teams who had a great chance of winning the tournament – Bayside Reserves (who would multiply by 2), Valmar Reserves (by 2.5) and Valmar Veterans (by 3) have disqualified themselves after forfeiting games twice.
Results so far throw up a deciding match for the top spot in Group A between holders Isolas Blue Stars and Koala Construction (x3), on Monday at 9.30pm, while League and Buchanan winners CS Bayside Ace face 649’ers (x5) on Friday at 7.45pm, and Victor’s Live Casino (x3.5) on Monday at 6.30pm. By then, the quarter final pairings will be known.
Results - Group A: Koala Construction 43 (129) (John Glover 11) – Valmar Redwood 82 (82) (Jamie Sercombe 23, Jesus Camacho 21, Karel Alecio 15, Valentin Turbatu 13, Tyron Tavares 10); Isolas Blue Stars 75 (75) (Angel Guerrero 31, Fernando Serrano 19, Jose Magaña 18) – Valmar Redwood 70 (70) ( Alecio 23, Turbatu 13, Alex Ruiz 13)

GABBA President John Gonçalves and Secretary-General Edwin Yeats will represent Gibraltar at the General Assembly of FIBA Europe in Munich from Friday to Sunday. The most significant item in the agenda is the election for the 2014-2018 term of the President, Treasurer and 23 members of the Board by the 51 member countries.
This will happen on Saturday and Gonçalves is standing for re-election to the Board, of which he has been a member since 2003. He stands down as Vice-President, a position ultimately decided by the new Board on recommendation of the President and Secretary-General. The same situation applies to his post as President of the Small Countries Commission.

‘XXXF Youth Girls Fun Football’ Programme Launch

 The Gibraltar FA launched of the “XXXF” Youth Girls Fun Football Project last Friday on Pitch No.3 at the Victoria Stadium.
This is the latest initiative in the Gibraltar FA’s campaign to increase the awareness of Women’s and Youth Girls Football, of all ages, in Gibraltar and is run in conjunction with our Grass Roots Programme.
The Gibraltar FA is delighted to announce that the 1st ever ‘UEFA Women’s Development Tournament’ will take place in Gibraltar from the 30th June 2014 until the 4th July 2014.
Along with Gibraltar, the other three teams taking part are Andorra, Luxembourg and the Algarve FA. The tournament will be on a round-robin basis with each team playing each other once and all games will take place at the Victoria Stadium (on an 11-a-side basis).
A press conference will be held, at 6pm, on Monday the 9th June, at ‘The Boat House’ Lecture Room, GFA HQ, to launch the tournament at which, alongside Gibraltar FA officials, the Gibraltar Head Of Women’s Football, Head Coach and Captain will be present. A fixture schedule will also be provided on this date.

Kendo: Gibraltar Kendo visit to U.K

 Gibraltar Kendo, headed by Dylan Bocarisa visited Mumeishi Kendo Club in London, this club; one of the oldest dojos in UK was established in 1968 by Mr Terry Holt 7th Dan Kyoshi.
Holt Sensei, 7th Dan, has National coach status of the British Kendo Association (BKA) and a member of the National Association of Sport Coaches and has been running the club for over 45 years.
Mumeishi Kendo Club is recognised worldwide and has been visited by teachers of very high standard from all over the world, particularly Japanese teachers which visit the club quite frequently. In July 1998 the club won an award at the Japan Festival for its achievements in furthering good understanding of Japanese culture within the UK.Holt Sensei accepted the visit by Mr Bocarisa and allowed him to take part in their weekly session; while there he was instructed and taken through the different training strategies and formats, as well as coaching & competition training.
Training was tough but very worthwhile and rewarding, acquiring more skills to further develop Kendo in Gibraltar. Now with the extra help and guidance from Holt Sensei and his team, Gibraltar is better placed take part and compete in world championships sometime in the future, most of these held in Japan with top Kendokas (Kendo practitioners) in the world. Mr Bocarisa is very happy with the outcome and confident that with our new friends the future is bright for Kendo, and as a proud Gibraltarian once again taking Gibraltar to the highest standard and working on making Gibraltar proud.
Mr Bocarisa, Iwa Dojo and The Gibraltar Kendo Kenjutsu Association (GKKA) would like to sincerely thank Mumeishi Kendo Club, especially Holt Sensei and Yoshikawa Sensei for their generous help and support, and also a big thank you to the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority (GSLA) and the Government of Gibraltar for their support and help in promoting Kendo for Gibraltar.
Local training night on Tuesdays.