Monday, 7th December 2015

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JMC celebrates Cassar’s sporting achievements

The achievements of local sportswoman Georgina Cassar were celebrated during a meeting of UK government ministers and leaders from Britain’s Overseas Territories, including Gibraltar.

 The Joint Ministerial Council meeting last also week welcomed plans to set up an Overseas Territories Sports Council to forge greater links, encourage athletics in the Territories, assist with accessing funding sources, assist with the development of sporting facilities, and promote access to training opportunities so OT athletes can compete in international sporting events. 

“Together we support greater engagement with the International Olympic Committee and other international sporting bodies, so all Territories can compete in their own right,” the JMC said in a statement.

It added: “We celebrated the success of British sportsmen and women from the Overseas Territories in competing for Team GB, including Shara Proctor and Zharnel Hughes from Anguilla, Delano Williams from Turks and Caicos and Georgina Cassar from Gibraltar.” 

“We also welcomed the success of Territory athletes in other international competitions. We welcomed the participation of young athletes from some Territories in the 2015 School Games in Manchester.”



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