Thursday, 3rd December 2015

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Feetham determined despite election defeat

by Cristina Cavilla

GSD Leader Daniel Feetham has vowed to see through the next four years as Leader of the Opposition despite the recent landslide election defeat at the hands of the GSLP/Liberals.

 In an interview with GBC, Mr Feetham said that there will be elections for the leadership of the GSD within the next year. 

He added that he encourages anybody who has the ambition to put their name forward to do so because “there is nothing wrong with political ambition”. 

“I would hope that there is a leadership challenge because that’s good for democracy,” Mr Feetham said. 

Mr Feetham also stated that he takes full responsibility for the GSD’s election defeat and the nature of the party’s campaign. 

He said: “I have always taken responsibility and if anybody wants to look for that political responsibility it is mine alone and no one else. But I am big enough to accept that and I am big enough, believe me, and determined enough to basically see this through as I am determined to see this through.” 

He conceded mistakes had been made in the election campaign, he said: “There are always mistakes when you lose and things you could have done in a different way and better.” 

But Mr Feetham maintained that the party’s policy booklet, which had been the subject of some criticism for being too ‘light’, was not a mistake. 

He said: “I don’t think that was really a mistake. We took the decision to highlight what were the main issues in a policy document and then have the full policies on the website. There’s nothing wrong with that.”


On the issue of appointing a Deputy Leader Mr Feetham said that needed to be done in consultation with the GSD members of Parliament if they feel it necessary to have a Deputy or not. 

He added: “The Deputy Leadership is not important at this present moment in time. Doing the people’s work is important and we are very focused on being a good Opposition, holding the Government to account and also rebuilding the GSD and rebuilding that contact with grass roots which is very important.” 

Mr Feetham stated that his confidence in Marlene Hassan Nahon was evident from the weighty ministerial portfolios he had recently assigned her which include health, education, broadcasting and media. 

He said that Ms Hassan Nahon was a “rising star” and would be “one of the pillars of the GSD’s future” over the next four years and beyond.



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